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Country : South Sudan
Summary : Consultancy to Conduct Conflict Analysis
SST Ref No : 59988022
Tender Notice No : 3237
Competition :ICB
Financier :Self Financed
Norwegian Church Aid South Sudan Programme, Juba. Attn: Taban Charles
Tender Details :Tenders are invited for Consultancy to Conduct Conflict Analysis in Upper Nile, Jonglei, Warrap , Western Bahr El Ghazal , Northern Bahr Ell Ghazal , Central Equatoria Eastern Equatoria, Western Equatoria, Greater Pibor Administrative Area in the Republic of South Sudan . Objectives The main objectives of this consultancy are the following; 1. Within the designated geographical locations, assess the following three elements: (i) structures (conflict issues, factors driving conflict), (ii) actors (stakeholders) and (iii) dynamics (trends, triggers). The assessment should be based on an approach that is gender-, age-, disability- and diversity sensitive. 2. Within each geographical location identify; - Interaction of local to national level conflict dynamics. - Conflict trends - The possible status of peace processes for the near future. - Key conflict and peace actors (inclusive of religious actors). -Existing capacities for peace / resilience for peace. - Factors against/for peace (connectors and dividers analysis) - Climate change and environmental challenges 3. Within each geographical location, assess how the three key elements (structures, actors and dynamics) impact on NCA South Sudan programmes and priorities. 4. To specifically assess the role of faith-based organizations in the mitigation of conflicts 5. Assess the role of youth and women in conflict 6. To suggest recommendations on adaptive peacebuilding approaches that can be adopted in political, economic, social, and cultural context of South Sudan. 7. To specifically recommend how integrated programming and co-localization of thematic programmes can be supportive of peacebuilding approaches. Within this recommend how to build staff and partners conflict sensitivity capacity and how to integrate conflict sensitivity into PMER systems in support of the NCA South Sudan 2020-2024 strategic focus of integrated programming. Scope The Consultant/Consultancy firm will travel to selected locations in South Sudan to interact with people, all stakeholders and peace structures that have been affected by conflict. The Conflict Analysis should provide quantitative and qualitative information including disaggregated data based on relevant analytical frameworks specifically at national and subnational levels. The analysis will focus at NCA Country Office, existing field offices and selected locations within proposed NCA targeted areas.
Deadline :26th Nov 2021
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